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24 Clock Hour Broker Renewal Course Bundle NO FAIR HOUSING

24 Clock Hour Broker Renewal Course Bundle NO FAIR HOUSING


We offer this 24-clock-hour bundle in the event you have completed your 6 Clock Hour Mandatory Fair Housing Course but still need the remaining 24 clock hours for your renewal.

If you have already completed your 6-hr Fair Housing course, we offer the option for you to purchase high quality content bundled and designed for you to  have the option of purchasing this bundle of courses at a lower cost to you. It contains everything you need to renew your Washington State Boker or Managing Broker real estate license except the Fair Housing course (6hr.). 

Our bundles consist of courses certified by WA. State Department of Licensing. They are designed to be easily accsssible and a breeze to complete.

Is This The Right Broker Renewal Bundle for You?

If you meet the following criteria, this is the Washington State continuing education broker renewal bundle for you.

  • Do you need to complete only 24 clock hours of continuing education?
  • Do you need to complete the Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (CORE) 2024-2025 course?
  • Have you already completed the state mandated 6 clock hour Washington Real Estate Fair Housing course?

Why Should You Choose a Broker Renewal Bundle of Courses?

  • Quality content at lower prices
  • Easiest and quickest way to complete your 24 remaining clock hours
  • Work at your own pace from home or office 
  • Mobile friendly and convenient to take with you anytime and anywhere
  • No final exam
  • No pass or fail tests to slow you down
  • No timer
  • Top of the line quality content
  • Instructors highly skilled  and approved by the state
  • Friendly professional support and service when you need assistance
  • Washington state approved educational provider State approved school
  • State certified courses
  • Washington State owned and operated business
  • Support our local economy by choosing us!

Courses Included in this Bundle:

Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (2024-2025) - 3 Clock Hours

This 3 clock hour certified course, Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (CORE) 2024-2025, is required every two years. It delves into the latest state and national laws and regulations, as well as NWMLS forms. It further analyzes the misapplication of certain NWMLS forms, and provides insight into business practices and professional standards.

Read more about the Current Issues in Wa. Residential Real Estate course

Building Blocks for Success in Real Estate - 15 Clock Hours

The "Building Blocks for Success" Continuing Education (CE) course encompasses a range of critical subjects directly relevant to present-day brokers within Washington state. These topics comprise business practices, contract intricacies, property management nuances, risk mitigation strategies, and effective methods for enhancing home presentations.

With its 15 clock hour accreditation, this state-approved CE course offers an in-depth exploration, replete with practical insights and illustrative examples. By delving into multifaceted scenarios routinely encountered by real estate brokers, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective issue resolution within your professional realm.

Read more about the Building Blocks for Success in Real Estate course

Understanding Agency: A Broker’s Guide to Agency in Real Estate - 3 Clock Hours

Our Washington State 3 clock hour accredited course on understanding agency covers everything about agency a real estate broker needs to know.  It is a must for any broker in Washington State. This course provides a deep understandings of the theory of agency and how it affects brokers in their relationships with buyers and sellers.  It also covers all the important NWMLS forms and documents that affect the agency and includes detailed information concerning the laws that govern agency in Washington State. 

Read more about the Understanding Agency course

Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage - 3 Clock Hours

"Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage" is a specialized 3-hour Continuing Education credit course, approved by Washington State. Through meticulous exploration, it illuminates the very framework that underpins brokerages and sheds light on the diverse brokerage models prevalent within the state.

Aspiring to serve as an indispensable compass for brokers navigating the dynamic real estate landscape, this course offers invaluable insights into making informed career choices. By delving into the intricacies of brokerage firm licensing and comprehensively dissecting the regulatory intricacies prescribed by Washington State, this course not only imparts knowledge but empowers you with the know-how to venture into establishing your own brokerage enterprise.

Read more about the Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage course

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