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Advanced Real Estate Practices - Washington State First Year Renewal 30 Clock Hour Course

Advanced Real Estate Practices - Washington State First Year Renewal 30 Clock Hour Course


Completion of the Advanced Real Estate Practices course is required for first-year broker renewal in Washington State. Delivered in seven comprehensive sections, each segment comprises detailed lessons accompanied by concise summaries and non-graded quizzes. Approved by Washington State, this course fulfills the mandatory 30 clock hours of advanced real estate practices, providing participants with a thorough exploration of pertinent topics and practical, real-world illustrations.

Why Should Brokers Choose Our Course

Our courses offer the most efficient means to fulfill your required clock hours, allowing you to promptly return to your primary focus: effectively serving clients and managing properties. Below are key factors that have consistently drawn students to select our courses over alternative offerings:

  • Optimal value at competitive pricing.
  • Streamlined and expedited completion of clock hours.
  • Flexibility to progress at your preferred pace.
  • Mobile compatibility for convenient access.
  • Absence of time constraints during course completion.
  • Exceptional content quality.
  • Instruction is provided by highly qualified state-approved educators.
  • Responsive and supportive professional assistance.
  • Official approval from the state.
  • Courses certified by the state regulatory authorities.
  • Washington State-owned and operated business
  • Support our local economy by choosing us!

Outline of Advanced Real Estate Practices

  • Brokerage Essentials
    • The Structure of a Brokerage Firm
    • Types of Brokerages
    • Choosing a Brokerage
    • Requirements to Open a Brokerage
  • Agency Essentials
    • Agency in Real Estate
    • Documents and Forms
    • Understanding the Regulations
  • Contract Essentials
    • Understanding Contracts
    • Most Common Contracts Brokers Use
    • Addenda to PSA
    • Other Agreements
  • Marketing/Negotiation/Closing Essentials
    • Marketing & Market Analysis
    • Marketing Best Practices & Regulations
    • Negotiation
    • Closing
  • Risk Management Essentials
    • Potential Problems or Liability Issues
    • Negligent Practice
    • Reporting Misconduct
    • Hierarchy of Responsibility
    • Appropriate Communication and Documentation
    • Handling Common Scenarios
  • Business Practices
    • Staying in Your Lane
    • Inadvertent Omission or Misstatement of Facts
    • The Transaction File
    • Education & Audit Preparation
    • Out-of-state Transactions
  • Property Management
    • Management Agreement
    • Lease/Rental Agreement
    • American Disabilities Act
    • Discrimination and Fair Housing Act

Note: This course is 30 clock hour which means the state of Washington requires Brokers to pass an exam to receive the clock hour credit. Our exam portal is online and has no additional costs.

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