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Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage - 3 Clock Hours

Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage - Certified Washington State Real Estate Continuing Education 3 Clock Hour Course


Fundamentals of a Real Estate Brokerage is a 3 clock hour course. This course is designed to cover brokerages in general. The course begins with a brief review of the structure of a brokerage in regards to broker classifications. It then describes the duties of each classification and their legal obligation to conduct themselves in accordance with rules and regulations described by the State of Washington. 

In the second lesson the course then takes a quick look at the different types of brokerages one will find in the real estate industry.

Following this lesson the course then does a deep dive into all the facets one should consider when first choosing a brokerage to work with or evaluating a potential change in brokerages.

Finally the course wraps up by covering the requirements to open a brokerage. This final lesson serves to inform brokers of all the licensing and insurance hoops one must go through to open a brokerage in Washington state.

Topics Covered:

  • The Structure of a Brokerage
    • Broker Classification
    • Independent Contractor or Employee
    • Types of Brokerages
      • Residential
      • Commercial
      • Industrial
      • Land
      • Property Management
      • Specialized/Niche Market
      • Choosing a Brokerage
        • Reputation
        • Owner/Designated Broker
        • Training
        • Communication
        • Support
        • Market Share
        • Staffing
        • Retention
        • Commission and Fees
        • Technology
        • Aesthetics
        • Location
        • Affiliations
        • Policies and Procedures
        • Community Involvement
      • Requirements to Open a Brokerage
        • Licensing Requirements
        • Insurance Requirements
        • Regulatory Authorities


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