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Navigating Washington State Real Estate Broker Requirements: The Fair Housing Course and Continuing Education

Continuing Education Fair Housing Law RCW Washington

In the dynamic realm of Washington state's real estate market, staying abreast of regulatory requirements is essential for brokers. One such requirement is the completion of the fair housing course, mandated by RCW 18.85.211. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the fair housing course, its alignment with continuing education renewal dates, and its significance in promoting fair and equitable real estate practices.

Understanding RCW 18.85.211

RCW 18.85.211 outlines the continuing education requirements for real estate brokers and managing brokers in Washington state. Brokers must successfully complete a minimum of 30 clock hours of approved real estate courses every two years to renew their licenses. Notably, three hours of the required instruction must focus specifically on fair housing education and the prevention of unfair practices in real estate transactions.

Key Requirements and Focus Areas

The fair housing course plays a pivotal role in meeting the continuing education requirements outlined in RCW 18.85.211. Brokers must ensure that three of the 30 required clock hours are dedicated to fair housing education and the prevention of unfair practices. For brokers who did not previously complete fair housing training as part of their initial instruction, six hours of fair housing education are mandated for the renewal cycle immediately following June 1, 2022.

Partnerships and Input

To ensure the effectiveness of fair housing education, the Washington State Department collaborates with various associations and organizations representing diverse communities. These partnerships include input from associations representing real estate brokers and agents, as well as advocacy groups such as the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs, the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs, and others listed in RCW 18.85.211.

Understanding the 3 Clock Hour Fair Housing Course

In Washington state, real estate brokers are required to complete a 3 clock hour fair housing course as part of their continuing education obligations. This course is meticulously designed to educate brokers on fair housing laws, ensuring they conduct transactions in a manner that upholds equal opportunity and prevents discrimination.

Key Topics Covered

The 3 clock hour fair housing course covers vital topics, including:

  • In-depth analysis of federal, state, and local fair housing laws.
  • Identification of protected classes and characteristics safeguarded under fair housing legislation.
  • Exploration of prohibited practices, such as discriminatory advertising and steering.
  • Examination of best practices to promote fair housing and mitigate implicit biases.
  • Real-life case studies illustrating fair housing principles and potential pitfalls.

Fulfilling Continuing Education Requirements

Brokers can fulfill their continuing education requirements by completing approved real estate courses, including the mandatory fair housing education component. The flexibility of course formats, including online modules and in-person seminars, accommodates brokers' diverse schedules and learning preferences. Here at we offer the Washington Fair Housing 3hr. course and the Washington Fair Housing 6hr. course both as an individual course offering as well as within various our real estate continuing education broker/managing broker renewal bundles.

In Conclusion

The fair housing course mandated by RCW 18.85.211 underscores Washington state's commitment to fostering fair and equitable real estate practices. By ensuring that brokers receive comprehensive education on fair housing laws and prevention of discriminatory practices, the state aims to create inclusive communities and uphold the principles of fairness and equality in the real estate industry. With ongoing collaboration and dedication to continuing education, brokers play a vital role in advancing ethical standards and promoting equal opportunity for all in the housing market.

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