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Real Estate Today - 12 Clock Hours

Real Estate Today - 12 Clock Hours

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Real Estate Today is a 12 clock hour credit course focused on the interaction of a firm with its licensees. It explores the nature of the real estate business and its demands for compliance with rules and regulations from national, state, and local entities. This course is timeless and contains current real estate examples and documented case studies.

Disputes often arise involving brokers in agency relationships, contracts and interactions between licensees. Examples are given of unlawful marketing procedures, misrepresentation to buyers and sellers and unethical or unprofessional behavior shown by brokers. All of these examples led to heavy fines, suspension of real estate licenses or a lawsuit.

Topics Covered in Real Estate Today are:

  • A review of the firm and its licensees
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Inter-office conflicts
  • Laws of agency
    • Types of agency
    • Violations and penalties
  • The comparative market analysis
    • Current market trends
    • Determine factors of price
    • Zoning effects
    • Regulations and restrictions effects on value
    • Marketing attributes
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    • New required forms
    • Clients and counter-offers
    • Contract to closing
    • Issues in Escrow
  • Ethical and professional practices
    • Standards of conduct
      • Conduct working with clients
      • Presentation of offers
      • Selling broker professionalism
      • Inter-office cooperation within brokerages.
  • Agency violations and penalties

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