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Home Prep for Showing - 3 clock hour course

Home Prep for Showings - Certified Washington State Real Estate Continuing Education 3 Clock Hour Course



This course is a MUST for all Brokers whether you are a "Rookie" or "Veteran"!


This 3 clock hour course is focused on describing what preparing a home for showing involves and how your sellers can benefit by evaluating their home to determine what improvements and changes the homeowner can complete at little or no cost.

This course includes lots of Tips for sellers on how sellers can economically prepare their home and provide safety and security during the selling process.

The pros and cons of hiring a Professional Staging Company are discussed in detail to give the sellers a guideline to follow through the process of finding a staging company that fits a seller's needs, should this option be economically feasible and of benefit to the seller.

Topics Covered in Home Prep for Showings are:

  • First Impressions
    • Curb Appeal
    • Clutter and Cleanliness
    • Final Thoughts
  • Introduction to Staging
    • Raising the Value
    • Speeding Things Up
    • Marketplace Competition
    • New Construction
    • Ways to Stage
    • The Staging Choice
  • Do-It-Yourself Staging
  • Professional Staging
    • Choosing a Staging Company
  • Combination Staging
    • More Choices for Sellers
  • Communication Tips for Sellers
    • Brokers Calling to Show
    • Brokers Calling to Preview
    • Brokers Calling with Offers
    • Public Calling
    • Final Home Review
  • Home Security
    • Keybox Security
    • Previews or Showings
    • Home Safety Check
    • Create a Seller's Guide


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