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Recipe for Success in Real Estate 15 Clock Hours

Recipe for Success in Real Estate 15 Clock Hours

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This 15 clock hour credit course is packed full of time tested real estate procedures and solid industry business practices. Review of many of the fundamentals of the industry are covered with examples and demonstrations designed to bring reality and responsibility to the forefront of what your obligations are as a Washington real estate broker.

Basic knowledge of broker and agency responsibilities are reviewed. Unexpected pitfalls are pinpointed in an effort to minimize law suits against licensees and the firms. Case studies are used to demonstrate the cause and effects of failing to recognize potential problems in transactions. 

Licensees are required to be knowledgeable concerning new legislation, regulations and laws. The constant changing of economic conditions in Washington state greatly impacts the need for increased controls by all governing agencies. 

This 15 clock hour course is absolutely the fastest way to gain the knowledge necessary to keep up with the real estate industry demands in our State.


Topics Covered in Recipe for Success in Real Estate are:

  • Build a realistic business plan
    • Field of interest
    • Time management
    • Record keeping
    • Money management
  • Determine a brokerage
    • Location
    • Size of firm
    • Inter-office communication
    • Rules and office procedures
  • Know the rules and laws applicable to your business
    • Educate yourself and know the MLS forms
  • Agency agreements 
    • Types of agency
    • Firm's obligations
    • Agents' obligations 
  • Purchase and sale agreements
    • Listing agency agreement
    • Contingencies
    • Default
    • Termination
  •  Types of buyer's agreements
    • Buyer's agency agreement
  • Contractual liabilities
  • Criminal laws
  • Civil laws
  • Consumer Protection Act
    • Tort civil laws
    • Examples and penalties
  • Property Management
  • Understand the rental market
    • Landlord Tenant Act
    • American Disabilities Act
    • Broker responsibilities
    • Property manager liabilities
    • Protection from legal actions

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