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Current Issues in Washington State Residential Real Estate CORE 2020-2021 CE Course

Current Issues in Washington Real Estate (CORE) 2020-2021

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This 3 clock hour credit course fulfills the state required 3-hour CORE update of issues found of primary concern for brokers in this 2-year renewal cycle. The course is a review of real estate key issues, Washington State legislative changes and legal updates. 

2020-2021 Key Issues are

  • Broker challenges when using an  escalation clause
  • Issues when involved with contingent buyers
  • Latest update on VA Loan limits
  • Latest New graduated  real estate excise tax on home sales
  • B&O tax increase on specific businesses
  • Professionalism - key to success in WA real estate market place

Topics Covered in Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate 2020-2021

  1. Forms and Loan Programs
    1. Escalation Clauses
    2. Evidence of Funds
    3. Sales involving Contingent Buyers
    4. Inspection Clause
    5. Inspection Response
    6. Time Frame of Closing and Possession
    7. Updates on VA Loans
  2. Legislative Updates
    1. Real Estate Excise Tax Legislation
    2. Business & Occupation Tax
    3. Clarification on Protected Classes
    4. Landlord tenant Act Updates
  3. Updates for Business Practices & Professional Standards
    1. Professionalism in Real Estate
    2. Managing Brokers
    3. Timely Presentation of Written Offers
    4. Multiple Offers

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