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Washington State Real Estate Continuing Education Clock Hour Correspondence Courses

The courses listed are Washington State approved Clock Hour Credit Continuing Education Courses. These correspondence courses are available for immediate PDF download by clicking on the "Order Now" button next to the course. Once you have completed your online payment you will be forwarded to the direct download for your course. These courses are also available in hard copy via US postal mail for those who have limited access to a computer.

After selecting the course(s) you would like to take, simply follow the included E-Z instructions (within the course PDF) on how to register and obtain your course completion certificate.

Course Bundles

30 Clock Hour Course Bundle with Current Issues in Wa. Residential Real Estate 2010-2011

30 Clock Hour Course Bundle w/ NEW 2014-2015 CORE Special for Only $99.00

Current Price: $99.00

Fastest and Most Affordable Way to Renew - 30 Clock Hours

30 Clock Hours Total Credit - Minimum time required for full credit is 50 minutes for each clock hour credit

Bundle includes the following courses:

  • Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate "CORE" NEW 2014/2015 - 3 Clock Hrs
  • Preparing for Success in Real Estate - 15 Clock Hrs
  • Real Estate Today - 12 Clock Hrs

Each of these courses may be purchased separately. Go to the individual course offerings to view the course descriptions.

15 Clock Hour Courses

Preparing for Success in Real Estate (In our Current Economy)

Preparing for Success in Real Estate
(In our Current Economy)

Current Price: $60.00

This course discusses business management skills that when applied to your daily operations will save you time and money. File management is one of the most important factors to becoming successful in Real Estate. It is a fundamental building block for keeping track of transactions and learning proper procedures to avoid making mistakes. Paying attention to detail is primary when dealing with legal documents.

The course also describes many of the pitfalls which you may encounter and provides up-to-date information on rules and practices that you should follow. By reviewing obligations under national, state, and local statutes and standards of ethics we are required to follow, you can avoid the danger of the potential consequences for failing to follow these rules.

15 Clock Hours Credit - Minimum time required for full credit is 50 minutes for each clock hour credit, minimum for this course is 12.5 clock hours.

Topics Include

  • Business Practices
    • Brokerage and Licensee office procedures
    • Renewal requirements
    • Out of State clients
  • Contracts
    • Buyer Agency
    • Seller Agency
    • Termination procedures
  • Liabilities and Reducing Risk
    • Licencees duties to protect clients
    • Liabilities in Property Management
  • Inter-Office Communication
    • Negligent Practices
    • Unprofessionalism
    • Disclosures
    • Disciplinary Actions
  • Title Issues
    • Document discrepancies
    • Leins
    • Inspection Issues
    • Unfamiliar forms
    • Transaction fails to close

12 Clock Hour Courses

Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today

Current Price: $50.00

This course reinforces the relationships between the Licensee and the Brokerage and shows the interaction that occurs at all levels between the firm and the broker.s. There is a constant river of communication that needs to exist in order for a firm to to be successful and to provide a work environment that permits its licensees to be productive and protected as they conduct business and interact with clients.

The course provides a stream of current information designed to assist licensees in having a smooth running business and a smooth relationship with their business partners, the firm and the clients.

12 Clock Hours Credit - Minimum time required for full credit is 50 minutes for each clock hour credit, minimum for this course is 10 clock hours.

Topics Included

  • The Brokerage and the interaction between the licensee and management
    • Brokerage structure
    • Duties of the licensee
    • In-House conflicts
  • Agency relationships and consequences of violating specific agency relationships
  • Marketing yourself and your listings
    • Factors that affect property value
    • Marketing restrictions
  • Negotiation and closing
    • Profession practices
    • Clients and counter-offers
    • Deal breakers at closing

3 Clock Hour Courses

Current Issues in Wa. Residential Real Estate 2012-2013

NEW Current Issues in Wa. Residential Real Estate 2014-2015

Current Price: $25.00

This course fulfills the State Requirement for the Mandatory "CORE" course for license renewal dates in 2014 and 2015.

Every two years the state develops the outline for real estate schools to follow to develop a new edition of the Current Issues Course. The topics are often based upon recent changes in the laws governing Real Estate in Washington and any areas of concern which may have developed during the last 2-year time span. The topics brought before the Committee assigned by the DOL to develoop the new "CORE" may be relevant to the changes in the housing market, state or national concerns, licensee issues or issues brought before the Department of Licensing by the governing board or Real Estate Licensee's responses to the DOL's request for Licensee's input. The 2014-2015 Current Issues focuses on the new additions and changes that have been adopted into law concerning Agency Laws and Buyer and Seller Agency, and other related topics listed below.

Additional topics

  • Review of RCW18.85
  • Seller and Seller's Agent
  • Buyer and Buyer's Agent
  • Changes in the Landlord Tenant Act
  • Property Management
  • What to know in dealing with REO's
  • Advertising and Social Media

Real Estate Problem Management

Real Estate Problem Management

Current Price: $20.00

This course discusses some of the common issues which have occurred with past licensees and suggested actions which may protect you, your managing broker, and your firm.

You may be involved in many different situations which will require you to know the boundaries of your responsibilities to your clients, your managing broker and the state department of real estate licensing. Awareness of the laws and consequences for violating the laws are essential to your survival as a Real Estate Broker in this highly legalistic environment.

By knowing the laws, reviewing case studies and being aware of potential problem areas, you will be better prepared to deal with many of the common issues which arise in a the daily performance of duties to your clients and your firm.

All courses are copyright protected and all rights are reserved to These courses may not be duplicate except for a single copy for the express use of taking or evaluating the course. Courses may not be duplicated or distributed in part or whole for any commercial use.


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